Studio Portrait - S.Felker 4

It’s both reflection & reaction. Reaction to what I’ve witnessed, the places I’ve been, the music I’ve heard, the people I’ve met, and all those who I haven’t, possibly never will. Reflection on why certain things bring inspiration and what happens after. 

In my latest works I examine our environment as a complex matrix of overlapping systems – the organic and the conceived – imagined it from the most basic unit, a dot. A single point that expands on a cadence. Each painting is an extended meditation on the intersections of the structure we impose on the indeterminate and amorphous, finding a moment of respite in the rhythm of the chance patterns and the negative space.

Using a wide putty knife I apply multiple coats of color to build up texture. With the back end of a paint brush I overlay the undulating and distorted patterns of paint drops. I juxtapose quick, gestural, scraped under layers with voluptuous dots methodically and individually iterated. Certain configurations have a level of premeditation, while others arrive more fortuitously, but each piece is approached with a sense of finesse and discrimination. I create a visual plain that vacillates between the personal and universal, structure and formlessness. Creating paintings that both engage and mesmerize, eliciting a physiological response as we try to apply a coherent system of meaning. 

Born 1978 San Jose, CA. Lives & works in San Francisco, CA

Kundan Baidwan received her BA in Visual Arts at University of California, San Diego in 2001. During her education she was twice selected for the Honors Studio program. While in San Diego, Kundan showed both on campus and with galleries such as Social Club & Gallery and 838, and was selected for Regional Artists Show by the Art Institute, Balboa Park.  She briefly worked as mural restoration assistant in Paris under the tutelage of Bruno Poirier.  While living in Brooklyn, she continued to paint, assist fellow artists and began working on private commissions. Kundan made her Bay Area debut at Heart in 2011, where she was heralded as their most successful artist. Since then she as continued to show in San Francisco, Pacifica, and Los Angeles.